Daxwell is a vertically-integrated single-use consumer packaging company with a product line including single-use gloves, PPE, and food service plastics and foil products.


Daxwell's integrated, innovation-driven, industry-leading portfolio of single-use protective solutions, disposable consumer goods delivers a broad range of products and solutions to customers in various sectors such as health care, packaging, food service, industrial, and home uses. While our product lines serve unique markets and diverse needs, they are all connected by our commitment to consumer well being combined with performance driven innovation.



Daxwell Healthcare manufactures & markets medical grade gloves for both exam and perioperative surgical applications. DHC researches “frontier” technologies for creating new businesses, as well as developing core technologies to enhance existing Daxwell products.


Consumer Packaging

Daxwell Consumer Packaging (CPG) Division works together with our channel partners to offer a wide range of consumer disposables products and solutions for businesses or home uses - from versatile selection of foil wrap and paper products, to a complete line of plastic utensil, dining and dietary kits, drinking straws, combined with solutions that ties them all together.



Daxwell IBD markets a variety of industrial PPE products, including detectable solutions for food processing and clean room PPE.



Daxwell Distributions was founded in 2000 and is responsible supporting all consumer goods, food service disposable, as well as applicable healthcare and industrial products cross-docking and distribution functions.